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Welcome to Plymouth Youth Lacrosse! (New Hampshire)


Home Field Rules and COVID-19 Precautions for GAME DAYS:

Masks are required by all who enter the property at all times.  The only exception is for players while on the field during the game. 

Spectators are limited to 2 per athlete plus any children ages 5 and under.  Please stay in family groups spaced apart on the sidelines.

All attendees must exit the fields as soon as the game is concluded. 

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times and interaction with players and officials by spectators is prohibited.  The porta potty is located to the right of the storage unit. Please remove your trash and recycling.  Be safe and enjoy the day!


TICKS/BUGS/SUN: It is tick and black fly season, so please check your kids when they get home from practice and games!  Also, send them with bug spray and sunscreen when appropriate!


LOCAL LACROSSE DAY CAMP IN JUNE:  DO NOT MISS the opportunity to attend a fantastic boys and girls lacrosse camp right here in our own backyard with Sua Sponte Lacrosse June 15-18, 2021: https://www.suaspontelax.com/suanorth

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